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We are proud to announce that Lalala Group has just placed its trust in DynamEat and the benefits of its Dynamic Pricing and Smart Menus!!

Lalala Group, founded at the end of 2015 to give a twist to the concept of traditional bar, has been growing unstoppably until it managed to gain an important foothold in the restaurant sector.

With three different business models (restaurants, bars and party rooms), Lalala Group has up to 23 properties. These are mostly spread through the streets of the capital, where this group was born, although they have already begun their expansion with an opening in Ibiza.

DynamEat and Lalala Group have been working to make it happen and it is already live in one of their key locations.

DynamEat technology has just been implemented in La Bientirada de Santa Engracia. This restaurant, located in one of the trendiest areas of the center of Madrid, has a Mediterranean cuisine supported by high quality products from breakfast to dinner.

Over the next weeks, La Bientirada de Santa Engracia will be able to see its profitability increase thanks to the help of DynamEat!