Optimize your restaurant’s profitability through Smart Menu

Our AI platform empower restaurants to dynamically adapt their digital menus based on demand level, customer's segmentation and many other variables.

Why offering always the same if your customers are different?

DynamEat apply Dynamic Pricing and Smart Menu strategies to optimize your restaurant’s profitability. How we do it? Through our AI platform your menu will change and adapt based on forecast demand, stock, margin and many other variables.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a new selling strategy for restaurants where prices change depending on different variables such us demand forecast. With DynamEat your price will also vary considering contribution’s margin and preparation time needed.

Prices as dynamic as your customers

Its called Dynamic Pricing because they are adapted to your costumer’s needs and demands.

What is a Smart Menu?

The digital transformation together with the extent use of digital menus allowed restaurants to create full personalized menus depending on customer needs while securing the maximum profitability for the restaurant.

Our customers

Thanks to our Platform we are able to deliver a 30% profitability increase

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