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It was back in February 2022 when Radisson Hotel Group put its trust into DynamEat to push further their F&B Operations with our new and disruptive technology as part of their development plan.

At that time we started with a couple of pilots to test our solution to end up in July signing a global agreement and deciding to partner together to write a new chapter into the Revenue Management discipline.

A concrete step forward into a Holistic approach to Total Revenue Optimization.

It is very well known how Radisson Hotel Group is at forefront, and second to none, into the Revenue Management field. In this direction goes the creation of The Club of Revenue Management to synthetize the vision to: Be on the top and the leaders of this discipline.

And today, is time to share the impressive results we have been able to generate together in one of their key properties in Madrid, Radisson Blu Hotel, Madrid Prado, at Lona Restaurant.

Lona is an astonishing restaurant with great location, Madrid city center, and amazing concept that represent key pillars of its offer. DynamEat has been live for almost 1 year now, and where we have been able to generate a +36% margin per diner increase since its implementation. This increase represents an upside of more than 18.000€ that goes directly to the bottom line in almost 1 year. What really makes us proud of is that we have been able to deliver 2 of our main values proposition:

  1. Improve the margin per diner
  2. No negative impact in number of diners

But what has been crucial to create this success?

First of all People. As always nothing would be possible without the full commitment and involvement of all the stakeholders into the project. Above all for a project that do not have comparison or processes in place. As per Gianni Di Fede, SVP Revenue Distribution & BI at Radisson Hotel Group, Involvement and Engagement have been clearly the 2 main peers.

Others key aspects that have been highlighted by Gianni Di Fede for the success are:

  • Simplicity: the way the tool is built and the interaction with it is very straightforward and intuitive. This aspect has been crucial for the implementation and team’s acceptance.
  • Strategy-wise: from this perspective it’s necessary not to leave hotels alone but actually coordinate the main configuration and guidelines centrally. At process level one Champion per area has been identified (Revenue and Operations) at central level.
  • Culture change management: as with any major cultural change it is essential to be managed step by step. Rome wasn’t built in a day hence a project like DynamEat needs to be deployed with small but constant changes.

Looking at hotel level the main aspects Sam Bath, Cluster General Manager Spain for Radisson Hotel Group, is highlighting are the following:

  • Optimization: the ability to optimize operationally a department which usually is not profitable is the major step for the whole industry.
  • Team’s engagement: F&B department is playing a key role together with the revenue management team. This has pushed forward not only the motivation but also the ownership over pricing strategy importance.
  • Food waste: playing with menu’s items together with operation knowledge has generated an important reduction on overall food waste
  • Sustainability: removing all the paper menus has a significant impact on sustainability which has played an important aspect toward customer’s acceptance to digital menus.


From DynamEat we are extremely happy of what we have been able to achieve so far, but what really makes feel grateful is listen to success story like Lona and be part of the history as well