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In the competitive landscape of the hotel industry, maximizing revenue is a top priority for hoteliers. As the industry continues to evolve, hotel owners and directors face numerous challenges, including labor shortages, rising costs, and the need to optimize revenue streams. 


In this blog post, we delve into an exclusive interview with Gianni, Senior Vice President of Radisson Hotels, where he shares invaluable insights on overcoming these challenges and achieving total profit optimization. We also explore how DynamEat, our innovative software for restaurant optimization, can revolutionize revenue management and drive significant financial gains.


Unveiling the Challenges:

According to Gianni, the hotel industry confronts several critical challenges today. Labor shortages and inflationary pressures across various cost lines have put immense strain on profitability. Furthermore, revenue streams like Meetings & Events (M&E) and Food & Beverage (F&B) are still struggling to regain their pre-pandemic performance levels. Hotel owners and directors are seeking effective solutions to navigate these challenges and optimize their bottom line.

Total Profit Optimization – A Necessity:

To tackle these challenges, Gianni emphasizes the importance of total profit optimization. By combining the dimensions of total revenue and profitability, hotels can achieve substantial financial gains. Gianni states, “The main challenges we face today can be summarized by a total profit optimization. We need to optimize revenues and focus on the profitability of our operations.”

The DynamEat Solution:

Enter DynamEat, Gianni highlights the transformative power of our solution, “DynamEat allows seamless menu adjustments based on specific needs, events, occupancy, and ADR. It’s the key to aligning F&B propositions with revenue goals.”

Achieving Remarkable Results:

The impact of DynamEat on profitability is remarkable. Gianni proudly reveals, “Since adopting DynamEat, we have improved profitability by 20% in almost no time.” 

Driving Profitability with Data-Driven Decisions:

At DynamEat, we understand that striking the right balance between technology and human talent is essential. Gianni emphasizes the significance of this approach, saying, “It’s always a trade-off between technology and human beings. We need the right technology for dynamic pricing and optimization, and we also invest in training our people to look into the total profit and loss statement.”

Gianni emphasizes Radisson Hotels’ partnership with DynamEat, stating, “When we don’t find the best technology, we cooperate and build it. We are partnering with the best-in-class technology providers to make data-driven decisions across the entire profit and loss statement.”

The interview sheds light on the pressing issues faced by hoteliers today. Coupled with the power of DynamEat, hoteliers can transform their restaurant operations, drive incremental revenues, and achieve total profit optimization.

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