Hello, how can we help?

Bellow you wil be able to find a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please feel free to submit any other doubt you may have to support@dynameat.io

Menu Management

  • How to add a dish to your menu: Video
  • How to modify a dish in your menu: Video
  • How to set a dish as out of stock: Video
  • How to set up a dish as not visible: Video
  • How to add emojis to your menu: Video
  • How to configure your menu in multiple languages: Video
  • How to print a physical copy of your menu: Video
  • How to adjust a price manually once approved in the optimizer: Video

In case you need to make a massive change in your menu (for example, seasonal change on the entire menu) please submit again the Excel questionnaire with the change to the Sharepoint and reach out to support@dynameat.io so that DynamEat can take care of making the change in the menu.

Levers to boost sales

  • How to set up a product boost: Video
  • How to improve cross selling: Video
  • How to set up an initial pop up in our menu: Video

Dynamic Pricing & Smart Menus

  • How to review and validate your forecasted demand: Video
  • How to run your price optimization: Video
  • How to review and approve your Smart Menu recommendations: Video
  • How to change the forecasted demand for a certain day/service: Video
  • How to see the dishes that will be dynamically be removed from the menu: Video


  • How to add a user with employee rights: Video
  • How to add a user with manager rights: Video